Raw Honey Shop in America’s Oldest Seaside Resort

Cape May Honey Farm in America’s Oldest Seaside Resort

In America’s oldest seaside resort, a new honey shop is hoping for a swarm of customers. Doug and Andi Marandino have opened a store selling raw honey from their own hives in the town of Cape May.

Local honey can ease seasonal allergies and satisfy a sweet tooth. It also contains flavonoids such as chrysin, galangin, pinobanksin and quercetin that have anticancer properties.

About Us

Originally from Bulgaria, Doug and Andi Marandino started a third generation small family business here in Cape May, New Jersey. Their company offers a selection of raw honey and other beeswax products, including infused varieties such as lavender and cinnamon. They also curate custom gift boxes for soon-to-be-weds looking to give their event a unique touch and memorable favors.

The honey they harvest is primarily from local wildflowers that bloom throughout the summer and fall in America’s oldest seashore resort town. This is possible thanks to their apiaries, which are located throughout the town and neighboring towns.

The hives are housed on private property from individuals who kindly allow Doug to operate the apiaries on their land. He is grateful for their support as he tries to stay competitive in the tourist-driven market and maintain his commitment to ethical beekeeping. In addition to his hives, the duo’s shop in downtown Cape May features other local and seasonal products.

Our Bees

Thousands of species of bees can be found worldwide. These insects have well-developed compound eyes that help them spot nectar and pollen. They also have a sophisticated tongue that helps them collect and transport these valuable resources back to their hives.

Bees produce honey, which is used for a variety of purposes including treating seasonal allergies. It is believed that consuming local honey can help to ease symptoms of allergy season by exposing you to the same plants and allergens that bees are exposed to.

Little Pamet Farm owner Doug and Andi Marandino harvest honey from five apiaries throughout some of the finest natural areas of West Cape May. Their honey is raw and unfiltered. It is sold in half and one pound containers. They also sell buckwheat honey, which is said to treat sore throats and bronchitis. Their store has a charming rustic aesthetic, with shelves fashioned from hive boxes. Nautilus Members enjoy an ad-free experience. Log in or join now.

Our Honey

The Marandinos run a storefront on Sunset Boulevard and have hives scattered throughout some of the most picturesque, natural areas of West Cape May. They extract, bottle and label their products by hand. It’s a labor of love, and they’re also raising their two young boys. Andi’s mother comes in every summer to help with the extraction process, despite her bee-sting allergy.

Their pure, raw multifloral honey is delicate and mild, and great for treating seasonal allergies. Andi also makes a line of infused honey, like acai and clover blossom. Her most popular is the infused with local, locally-grown Bhut jolokia, or ghost peppers.

They’ve even brewed a beer with their own honey, the delicious Honey Porter, which is now available in 12-ounce cans throughout New Jersey and Delaware. Their flavored honeys are perfect for wedding favors, and Doug and Andi can curate custom gift boxes to give soon-to-be-weds something sweet to share with their entourage.

Where to Buy

In the heart of America’s oldest seaside resort, you’ll find Doug and Andi Marandino and their team at Cape May Honey Farm. They harvest their own raw honey from five apiaries around some of the most beautiful natural areas in west Cape May, and then bottle it on site in their quaint shop that’s decorated with rustic shelves crafted from hive boxes. They also offer a variety of locally grown infused honeys, as well as pure beeswax candles that are perfect for unique wedding favors or as memorable home decor. Visit the store and sample their wide range of products for a taste of the island life.

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