All About Accountants

What is an accountant?

An accountant is an individual who has received training and certification to handle financial and taxation matters. They can handle costing of different products and services, financial reporting, providing advise on financial plans and handling operational costs of a business. Most accountants will specialise in a specific field such as cost accounting or financial reporting but there are those who specialise with respect to target clients such that they only work with clients in a specific industry or sector.

Who would use an accountant?

accountants in birmingham can be utilised by professionals such as contractors and freelancers, small business owners and consultants.

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However, the greatest utilisers of accountants are businesses in different industries and sectors. Given the complexity of financial operations in a business, there is need to have a qualified, certified and experienced individual or firm handling various financial matters accurately. Businesses also need accountant to ensure that they are compliant with different laws in financial reporting and taxation.


An accountant may also be responsible for bookkeeping services birmingham. This is when they oversee a business's financials. They make sure that they are compliant with the law and maintain accurate records of the companies in and out-goings. Tasks include monthly financial reporting and record payments and adjustments. 

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Why would someone use a Birmingham accountant?

Lack of technical knowledge on financial matters is the top reason why someone would use an accountant. Someone would also need an accountant when they are making their debut into a new state or continent and they do not have clarity on the financial and tax laws in the area. This shields them from making mistakes that could lead to loss of money.

What are the benefits of using an accountant?

Accountants have technical knowledge and skills on how to handle different financial matters in the organisation. This is key in enhancing financial prosperity of the individual or organisation in question. Accountants can also assist you in tax planning, keeping up with the payment deadlines of different types of taxes and therefore reduce the tax liability as well as avoid late payment penalties and interest.

Accountants can assist a business in retaining accurate books of accounts, developing different financial reporting statements in accordance with the law and even getting the financial aspect of the business investor ready. In addition to this, they can come up with future financial projections of the business based on historical data. These projections are important in strategic planning.

Given their experience and skills, accountants can complete their job within a short period of time. This not only gives you the chance to concentrate on other areas of business or life but it also eliminates the stress brought about by trying to do something that you are not qualified to do. For a business, this lets individual employees concentrate on their core areas of interest and training and therefore promotes profitability.

When do people use accountants?

When making important financial decisions, it is important to consult an accountant. This may include when you are about to make a major investment decision, when entering into any form of financial partnership, when selling or purchasing a property, when starting a business and so on. Businesses need accountants to handle their day to day financial transactions, to prepare financial statements, assist the management in interpreting these statements, when doing their tax returns and making tax payments.